I have, for some time, been ambivalent towards Facebook. Although I have enjoyed the social utility this site has provided, I’ve often felt some unease about the sheer amount of personal information that leaks out from it. But as Facebook grows, it can not any longer be dismissed as just a social networking site. This site makes 400 million people gather under a single umbrella. Never has so many of mankind been (at least potentially) united in single forum. This is truly amazing. Would I choose not to participate in this great gathering of people, I would renege on my core cosmopolitan and globalist principles. I therefore advice readers of this web log to add me, so that we may communicate and exchange ideas in new and wonderful ways.

Add me here.

Publicerad tisdag, april 20th, 2010 i Allmänt.


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  1. 2007-06-18, säger: JassÃ¥, det släpptes till CD32? Man lär sig nÃ¥t nytt varje dag.Förresten lär ölkassarna flöda snart igen dÃ¥ Sensible Soccer kommer till Xbox Live Arcade. Du fÃ¥r inhandla dig en krysslÃ¥da snart sÃ¥ jag fÃ¥r ge dig lite pisk! 😉

  2. You may have hit that nail Don – “they don’t want to face the facts”. It’s the old truth hurts I believe. However, from my own past experience, once you face up sort of speak you are then saying’ Wow! that wasn’t so bad and you feel awesome.

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